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ALBA Robot Sagl, a new reality of advanced medical technology based in Ticino, Switzerland

We are pleased to announce the constitution of ALBA Robot Sagl, a new reality of advanced medical technology based in Agno, Ticino, Switzerland.

The innovative Company, thanks to exclusive Swiss patents and a highly experienced and valued team, develops a B2B solution integrated with autonomous, assisted and remote driving technologies for healthcare facilities - such as nursing homes, retirement houses, hospitals and private clinics - in order to support the transportation of People with Reduced Mobility in indoor spaces and pedestrian areas.

The integration of Artificial Intelligence and IoT will improve patients' autonomy and at the same time will free up resources currently employed in pushing wheelchairs and carts, also enabling new mobility experiences full of applications and services. ALBA Robot Sagl’s solution aims at supporting both the medical staff and the users, who will be able to move autonomously in safe conditions and become more independent in their daily lives.

Furthermore, ALBA Robot Sagl provides an intelligent control room to manage autonomous and existing vehicles fleets, enabling vehicles interactions with facilities infrastructures like automatic doors and elevators. The people mover vehicle can also navigate autonomously, detecting and avoiding fixed or moving obstacles, be enabled by Vocal Assistance and be always localized within the facility.

The Company will collaborate with Greater Zurich Area, Swiss Universities and Swiss manufacturers in order to develop a high added value service and product to be exported all over the world and offer numerous high added-value jobs.

Press Release ALBA Robot Sagl - ENG
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